There's boring and there's my way to explain this. Boring - I did a children's book about planets and put some space rocks in it just to make fun of the universe. My way - I was outside, playing with my pet- a pterodactyl I saved from my mother's oven... So, I was teaching him how to make cute faces as cats do, don't judge me, i needed money to pay the rent! Anyway, he swallowed something from the ground, poor thing, it was scary. So I prayed, omg how I prayed and he spat it out somehow and I forgot why I was writing all this... Oh yeah, he spat out a small rock. I touched it and it blinked! That was the first time I met space rocks. They are funny, cute, but not so smart little things that crash from time to time on our planet. You can't see them if you're taller than 5.2ft. Or if you eat pterodactyls.